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E-Gift Voucher

e-Gift Voucher is a convenient way to send a gift to someone who just gave birth to a newborn baby or for a birthday baby. The Voucher has a denomination in multiples of RM50. It acts like cash with a 3-month valid date that one can use to pay for any purchases at our website With the e-Gift Voucher, you are assured that the receiver of the Voucher will be buying things that she/he really needs. This also will reduce your headache of choosing a gift on this special occasion.

After you have purchase the e-Gift Voucher, an email will be sent to the receiver with the secured e-Gift Voucher number and straight away the receiver will be able to use the voucher at our said website. A notice will also be sent to you on your purchase. It is very important to provide a correct email address as once the Voucher is being sent, it cannot be withdrawn. Please give due caution when keying in the email address of the receiver. We are not responsible of any damages whatsoever if email was wrongly provided to us.

The receiver of the voucher must register as MEMBER and login to redeem the voucher.

Growin Up RM50 Discount Voucher
Price : RM50
Growin Up RM100 Discount Voucher
Price : RM100
Growin Up RM150 Discount Voucher
Price : RM150
Growin Up RM200 Discount Voucher
Price : RM200
Growin Up RM250 Discount Voucher
Price : RM250
Growin Up RM300 Discount Voucher
Price : RM300
Growin Up RM350 Discount Voucher
Price : RM350
Growin Up RM400 Discount Voucher
Price : RM400
Growin Up RM450 Discount Voucher
Price : RM450
Growin Up RM500 Discount Voucher
Price : RM500

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